EASTFORD. Windham County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting.)--Inc., May, 1847; taken from Ashford. Total area, 29.2 sq. miles, Land area, 28.9 sq. miles. Population, est., 1,761. Voting district, 1. Principal industries, metal fabricating, and horticulture. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Eastford; also rural delivery from Chaplin, Pomfret Center.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Melissa M. Vincent; Hours, 10:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon, 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M., Tues., Wed.; 5:30 P.M.-7:30 P.M., 2nd and 4th Tues. of each month; Address, Town Office Bldg., 16 Westford Rd., P.O. Box 98, 06242-0098; Internet, www.munic.state.ct.us/EASTFORD/eastford.htm; Tel., (860) 974-1885; FAX, (860) 974-0624.--Asst. Town Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Leslie Wertam, Johanna H. Wolfe.--Selectmen, 1st, Richard A. Torgeson (R) Tel., (860) 974-0133, Mary A. Duncan (D), James P. Trowbridge (R).--Treas., Johanna H. Wolfe; Asst. Treas., Nancy L. Mayhew.--Tax Collector, Sue A. Wilcox; Asst., Lisa A. Kellerman.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Bette Danielson, Betsy DiQuatro, Kathleen M. Williamson.--Assessor, Carol Crawford, CCMA.--Registrars of Voters, Denise A. Hills (D), Nancy L. Mayhew (R).--Supt. of Schools, Guy DiBiasio.--Bd. of Education, Garry A. Carabeau, Chm., Christopher P. Corey, Debra M. St. Jean, 2007; Dennis S. Barlow, Thomas F. Hughes, Christine Hustus, Kimberly D. Page, 2009.--Planning Comm., Effie Vinal, Chm., Howard Budd, John Buell, Richard Holzshu, Chuck Lee, William Lyons; Alternates, Robert Torcellini, vacancy.--Conservation and Historical Preservation Comm., Steve Broderick, Chm., Georgianne Copley, Vice Chm., Deirdre Childs, Thomas DeJohn, Mary Ellen Ellsworth, Chuck Lee, Deborah Lee, Sharon Lyons, Ralph Yulo, Jr.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Thomas DeJohn, Chm., John Buell, Denis Day, Gregory Driscoll, Deborah Lee, Glenn Stefaniak, Richard A. Torgeson; Alternate, Carl Asikainen.--Planning and Wetlands Agent, Susan Yorgensen.--Agent for the Elderly, Evelyn Green.--Library Dirs., Terry L. Cote, Chm., Andrea A. Amato-Hughes, Amy E. Bowen, Lisa S. Bunnell, Nancy L. Holzshu, Anne Latham, Robert B. Parker, III, Susan Sharin, Claire A. Williams.--Municipal Historian, Dagmar Noll.--Recreation Comm., Dan Belanger, Lisa Bunnell, Co-Chm., Cindy Anderson, Sandra Fabian, Marilyn Krom, Jan Larkin, Jill Loomis.--Building Inspector, Joe Pajak.--Animal Control Officer, Douglas P. Kramer, Sr.--Tree Warden, Jason Scranton.--Chief of Police, Richard A. Torgeson.--Constables, Kenneth Anderson, Terry L. Cote, Thomas J. Fabian, Arvind Shaw, Clayton R. Shead.--School Age Child Care Comm., Stacey Leeds, Coordinator, Michelle Bibeault, Linda Drake, Kenny Jones, Sue Monroe, Randy Smith.--Burning Control Officer, John Paquin.--Chief of Fire Dept., John Paquin; Deputy, Brian Eaton.--Fire Marshal, Richard Whitehouse.--Emergency Management Dir., Deborah Richards.--Camp Nahaco Park Comm., Denis Day, Mary Ellen Ellsworth, Chuck Lee, John Morley; Alternates, Richard Woodward, vacancy.--Town Atty., Nicholas Kepple (New London).--Justices of the Peace, Patricia K. Anderson, Stephen W. Bowen, Dean E. Bunnell, Gary S. Cameron, Terry Cote, Bette L. Danielson, Judith B. Daviau, Robert DiQuattro, Mary A. Duncan, Sharon Lyons, Nancy L. Mayhew, Lorraine P. McKay, Robert B. McKay, Joyce E. Merlo, John A. Morley, Paul E. Nissen, Robert B. Parker III, Lori Peabody, Robert L. Reiss, Jeffrey O. Sandness, A. Stephen Sokoloski, Wendy M. Thompson, Linda A. Torgeson.

EAST GRANBY. Hartford County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., June, 1858; taken from Granby and Windsor Locks. Total area, 17.6 sq. miles, Land area, 17.5 sq. miles. Population, est., 5,058. Voting districts, 2. Principal industries, manufacturing and quarrying. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, East Granby.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Elisabeth W. Birmingham; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-12:00 Noon, 1:00 P.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon. through Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 9 Center St., P.O. Box T C, 06026-0459; all other offices, P.O. Box 1858, 06026-1858; Tel., Simsbury, (860) 653-6528; FAX, (860) 653-4017; Internet, www.eastgranby.com/.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Diane M. Mucha, Anne P. Newhall, Karen L. Oliver.--Selectmen, 1st, David K. Kilbon (D) Tel., (860) 653-2576, David R. Barnes (R), Mary Ellen Brown (D).--Treas., Suzanne B. Lazar.--Bd. of Finance, Gordon F. Granger, Jr., Chm., James J. Feeney, Norman F. Hausmann, James M. Hayden, Karen M. Short, Natalie W. Welsh, William R. Zenga; Alternates, James M. Hayden, Kurt J. Winkler.--Tax Collector, June T. Cameron.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Gerald D. Geise, Andrea Y. Ullman, John Hoffman Welsh; Alternate, Edward F. Phillips.--Assessor, Mary Ellen Brown.--Registrars of Voters, Virginia N. Howard (D), Elizabeth L. Webster (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Christine F.A.S. Mahoney.--Bd. of Education, Jeffrey P. Clark, Nancy J. Cornell, Kirby C. Huget, 2008; Caryl T. Ryan, Chm., John P. Corcoran, Michaela J. Rosenberger, 2010; Ralph S. Blanchard III, Joseph L. Tardif, William A. Ullmann, 2012.--Planning and Zoning Comm., John H. Welsh, Chm., Lee P. Echert, James D. Klucznik, Michael S. Malloy, David J. McNally, William B. Skinner, Daniel Velcofsky; Alternates, Robert P. Hansen, David E. Kelly, Carl T. Landolina.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, David M. Lawton, Chm., John P. Corcoran, Robert C. Lindberg, Frederick A. Webster, Glenn J. Zaugg; Alternates, Kirby C. Huget, Matthew T. Short, Andrea Y. Ullman.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, John R. Collins.--Economic Development Comm., Cynthia Marsele Nemeth, Chm., David R. Barnes, Gerald A. Geise, David W. Holl, Joseph J. Sinicrope, Daniel Velkofsky; Alternate, vacancy; Robert A. Sproat, Officer.--Wetland Comm., George E. Cornelius, Jr., Chm., Brian L. Casinghino, Thomas S. Derlinga, William E. Hoerle, Franklyn H. Kilby, Craig Lydon, R. Daniel Methot, John T. Rusnock; Alternates, two vacancies.--Wetland Officer, John R. Collins.--Municipal Agents, Janice B. Gyngell, Dianne Treacy.--Municipal Historian, Marguerite F. Guinan.--Comm. on Aging, George M. Vischak, Chm., Beatrice L. Adams, Margaret Conner, Janice B. Gibson, James D. Hayden, Dorothy F. Higgins, Daniel J. Lizdes, Dorothy Ann Reynolds, Barbara A. Rusnock; Alternates, three vacancies.--Health Officer, Richard H. Matheny, Jr. (P.O., Avon).--Animal Control Officer, Linda L. Rossetti.--Open Burning Officials, John Eberle, Donald D. Zessin.--Comm. on Youth Svs., Deborah S. Ribaudo, Chm., Lori A. Aeschliman, Nancy R. Gesuelle, Doreen J. Jacius, Trooper Sweeny, three vacancies; Nicole Saavedra, Dir.; Student Members, Josh Leadbeater, Matthew Ryan, Payden Tierney.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Kurt K. Larsen, Chm., Gerald M. Brady, Patrick D. Gill, James D. Gothers, Karen W. Hines, Rosalie C. McKenney, Elizabeth B. Waterman, two vacancies; Nancy A. Lawton, Dir.--Building Inspector, John R. Collins.--Town Engineer/Planner, Charles V. Francis, Jr.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Bd. of Selectmen.--Tree Warden, Edward C. Hubbard.--Sanitarian, Richard H. Matheny, Jr.--Chief of Police, David K. Kilbon.--Constables, Charles M. Allen, William Flynn, Kevin S. Jones, Andrew R. Rossetti.--Chief of Fire Dept., Donald D. Zessin; Asst. Fire Chief, Michael J. Paulus.--Fire Marshal, Kenneth F. Beliveau; Deputies, William S. Graham, Tom Post, Edsel Rodriguez.--Emergency Preparedness Comm., four vacancies.--Emergency Preparedness Dir., Glenn Garrity.--Town Atty., Donald R. Holtman.--Justices of the Peace, David R. Barnes, Donna J. Bligh, Mary Ellen Brown, Laura B. Brunelle, Brian L. Casinghino, Charles W. Chatey, Jeffrey P. Clark, Shirley Anne Cooper, Joann Cornelius, Thomas F. Howard, Kirby G. Huget, Charles F. Hunderlach, Jr., David K. Kilbon, Karen A. Mosher, Carolyn B. Phillips, Richard T. Roznoy, Frederick A. Webster, William R. Zenga.

EAST HADDAM. Middlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1734; taken from Haddam. Total area, 56.6 sq. miles, Land area, 54.3 sq. miles. Population, est., 8,808. Voting district, 1. Principal industries, tourism, light manufacturing, printing, plumbing and heating products, boat manufacturing, concrete products; numerous summer resorts and Goodspeed Musicals are located here. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Greyhound. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, East Haddam, Hadlyme and Moodus.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Debra H. Denette; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon., Wed., Thurs.; 9:00 A.M.-7:00 P.M., Tues.; 9:00 A.M.-12:00 Noon, Fri.; Address, Town Office Bldg., 7 Main St., P.O. Box K, 06423-0295; Tel., (860) 873-5027; FAX, (860) 873-5042; Internet, www.easthaddam.org/.--Asst. Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Beverly R. Christopher.--Selectmen, 1st, Bradley P. Parker (D) Tel., (860) 873-5020; FAX, (860) 873-5025, 2nd, Peter T. Govert (D), 3rd, Randolph W. Dill (R).--Treas., Kathleen A. Klinck.--Bd. of Finance, Matthew J. Budzik, Chm., Robert A. Bennett, Mark S. Fortier, George B. Giesey, David F. Meade II, Anthony P. Shetensky.--Tax Collector, Janet C. Tucker.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Joanne S. Roczniak, Chm., Michael E. Gross, Rudolph R. Hoffmann.--Assessor, Loreta M. Zdanys; Asst., Patrice D. Veselak.--Registrars of Voters, Laurie W. Alt (D), Harriet G. Cummings (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Steven M. Durham.--Bd. of Education, Pamela B. Gourlie, Chm., Alan R. Hyla, Thomas O. Miett, Emanuel A. Misenti, 2007; Nicholas Iacovelli, Robert F. Mather, 2009; Tracey F. Gionta, Everett L. Herden, Jr., Mary Beth Mordecai, 2011.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Harvey W. Thomas, Jr., Chm., Laurie W. Alt, W. Phillip Barlow, Crary H. Brownell, James M. Curtin, Walter E. Damuck, Jr., Anthony J. Saraco, Jr.; Alternates, Bernard J. Gillis, Frank Haage, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Stuart S. Wood, Chm., Joseph G. Daigle, Norman Gobelle, Diane K. Quinn, Daniel R. Schies; Alternates, Jack Agosta, Richard J. Fiala, Guy R. Gibb.--Economic Development Comm., Robert W. Scherrer, Chm., Joseph Albuquerque, Michael E. Gionta, Debra M. Mathiason, David Sloan, Patricia M. Stricker, vacancy.--Fair Housing Officer, Stephanie R. Tatro.--Conservation Comm., John C. Gibson, Chm., Nancy B. Mackinnon, Cynthia T. Matthew, Craig B. Pease, Thomas J. Tarbox, vacancy; Alternates, Katherine A. Klein, Susan D. Merrow, Paul J. Stuhlman.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Randolph W. Dill, Chm., Mary E. Augustiny, Bryan L. Goff, Wendy L. Goodfriend, vacancy; Alternates, Jennifer A. Burton, Daniel R. Jahne.--Open Space Comm., William A. Brady, Chm., Mary E. Augustiny, Anita M. Ballek, Robert A. Bennett, Randolph W. Dill, Bernard J. Gillis, Emanuel A. Misenti, Bradley P. Parker, Craig B. Pease.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Andrew W. Lord, Chm., Richard J. Fiala, Richard J. Hoffmann, Arthur S. Merrow, Fred W. Myers, John L. Russell; Alternates, Michael T. Curley, John Koskovich.--Historic Dist. Comm., William A. Brady, Chm., Christian R. Miller, David C. Nelson, Steven Rossi, Stephen P. Shaw; Alternates, Karl P. Stofko, four vacancies.--Municipal Historian, Karl P. Stofko.--Comm. on Aging, John A. Pagnani, Chm., Ronald M. Brennan, Jovita A. Cozean, Josephine B. Golec, Rosalie M. Hoffman, Mary Ellen Klinck, Alice D. Sabo; Alternates, Marion J. Campbell, vacancy; Agent, Joanne S. Roczniak.--Dir. of Health, Thad D. King.--Library Dirs., Patrice D. Veselak, Chm., Christine P. Antaya, John W. Bielot, William E. Denny, Jr., Cynthia M. Denya, Kathleen B. DesRosiers, Dale A. Duby, Elaine V. Flaherty, Nancy M. Hanks, Anne E. MacLeod, Donna B. McGlinchey, Denys F. Shorthouse, Robert R. Trotochaud, three vacancies.--Cemetery Comm., Mildred E. Quinn, Chm., Crary H. Brownell.--Recreation Comm., Bradley P. Parker, Chm., John J. Gowac, Charles J. Grillo, Lisa S. Meade, Michael D. Michalski, Walter J. Parkus, Jr., Margy A. Roberts, Edward E. Smith, IV, vacancy; Tiffany S. Quinn, Dir.--Tree Warden, Richard J. Hoffman.--Open Burning Official, Scott R. Brookes.--Building Inspector, Keith J. Darin.--Dog Warden, Priscilla H. La Fountain.--Street Light and Safety Comm., Stanley Kurek, Harold T. Moritz, George W. Ryczek, Reginald M. Sowa.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Daniel W. Maus, Jr., Chm., Donald J. Angersola, Jr., James M. Curtin, George Fellner, Rudolph R. Hoffmann; Alternates, two vacancies.--Chief of Police, Bradley P. Parker.--Constables, George W. Corbeil, Mark H. Creighton, Lawrence J. Golet, Thomas M. Griffith, Jr., Karl J. Karabeinikoff, Craig W. Mansfield.--Chief of Fire Dept., Donald J. Angersola, Jr.; Asst. Deputy Chief, Jared C. Boynton.--Fire Marshal, Scott R. Brookes; Deputies, John M. Kananowicz, Steven Ouellette.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Matthew J. Cashman, Chm., John J. Blaschik, Edward E. Smith, III.--Emergency Management, Donald J. Angersola, John J. Blaschik, Matthew J. Cashman, Burton G. Clark, Neil C. Mosig, Joseph Szczech, Jr.; Craig W. Mansfield, Dir.--Town Atty., John S. Bennet.--Justices of the Peace, Robert A. Bennett, Joanne B. Bernard, Harriet G. Cummings, Edwin P. Des Rosiers, Randolph W. Dill, Bruce M. Dutch, Lynn C. Eimutis, John C. Gibson, Elizabeth J. Gross, Jacquelyn M. Hall, Alan Hanks, Janet I. Heisler, Everett L. Herden, Jr., Robert H. Johnson, Mary Ellen Klinck, Bradley P. Parker.

EAST HAMPTON. Middlesex County.--(Form of government, town council, town manager, board of finance, town meeting.)--Inc., as Chatham, Oct., 1767; taken from Middletown. Total area, 36.8 sq. miles, Land area, 35.6 sq. miles. Population, est., 12,194. Voting district, 1. Principal industries, manufacture of bells, paper boxes, witch hazel, tools and dies, forestry. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Cobalt, East Hampton and Middle Haddam.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Sandi Wieleba; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon., Wed., Thurs.; 8:00 A.M.-7:30 P.M., Tues.; 8:00 A.M.-12:30 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 20 East High St., 06424-1091; Tel., (860) 267-2519; FAX, (860) 267-1027; Internet, www.easthamptonct.org.--Asst. Clerks, Bernice C. Bartlett, Donna Marsden.--Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Bernice C. Bartlett, Donna Marsden, Thomas J. Portelance, Jr.--Town Council, Alison Hastings Walck, Chm. (C), Tel., (860) 267-4468, Derek M. Johnson, Vice Chm. (C), Robert J. Berlin (C), William G. Devine (R), Kyle R. Dostaler (C), Melissa H. Engel (R), Scott A. Minnick (C).--Town Manager, Alan H. Bergren.--Finance Dir., Jeffrey Jylkka.--Bd. of Finance, Theodore W. Hintz, Jr., Chm., Sharon S. Kjellquist, Vice Chm., Katherine Avery, Kurt J. Cominsky, Judith S. Isele, Jill M. Simko, Henry Thorpe.--Tax Collector, Marie Durkin.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, George H. Coshow, II, Kevin P. Flannery, Barbara Suprono.--Assessor, Donna L. Ralston.--Registrars of Voters, Irene Junga (D), Margaret Jacobson (R).--Acting Supt. of Schools, Kevin M. Reich.--Bd. of Education, David Pessoni, Debra B. Robinson, John Tuttle, Michael J. Vasquenza, 2007; Alan R. Hurst, Chm., Joanne L. Barmasse, Glenn G. Gemma, Margaret Walker Jacobson, Deborah Pessoni, 2009.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Rev. Charles C. Harmon, Chm., Peter Aarrestad, Roy Gauthier, Mark Philhower, Rowland Rux, James Sennett, Raymond A. Zatorski; Alternates, Beverly Warga, vacancy.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Charles Nichols, Chm., Brendan Flannery, Willie Fuqua, Suzanne Redfield, vacancy; Alternates, Linda S. Dart, Vincent Jacobson, Brian L. Spack.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, James Carey.--Housing Code Bd. of Appeals, Kathleen Erlandson, Willie Fuqua, John Hanson, Dennis J. Lavigne, vacancy.--Economic Development Comm., Mary Ann Dostaler, Chm., John E. Hesen, Vice Chm., Patience Anderson, Bryan E. Jackowitz, Jonathan M. March, Cindy Rooth, vacancy.--Housing Auth., Patricia DuFour, Chm., Stacey E. Brown, C. Bonnie Geysen, Eugene Hubbard, Monica Kangley.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Jeffery M. Foran, Chm., Josh Wilson, Vice Chm., David Boule, Alannah D. Coshow, W. Dean Kavalkovich, Marc Lorah, Peter Wall; Alternates, Scott A. Hill, Maureen Heidtmann.--Historic Dist. Comm., Ned B. Costello, Margaret McCutcheon Faber, Douglas C. Mackeown, Gerald Peterson, Nanette R. Woodcock; Alternates, Raymond P. Krupa, Peter R. Walsh, Richard T. Walsh, Jr.--Municipal Historian, James Hansen, Jr.--Librarian, Susan M. Berescik.--Agent for the Elderly/Senior Citizens Coord., JoAnn Ewing.--Welfare Dir., Alan H. Bergren.--Social Svs. Coord., Jane Leary.--Dir. of Health/Sanitarian, Thad King.--Town Cemetery Bd., Arthur Jacobson, Russell F. Oakes, Sr., Kevin M. Reich; Sexton, Robert G. Drewry.--Parks and Recreation Comm., James Wild, Chm., Richard Norkun, Vice Chm., James Ahearn, Mario J. Almeida, Timothy S. Csere, Maria Foss Rand, Lynnae Smith.--Dir. of Youth Svs., Wendy Regan.--Dir. of Public Works/Tree Warden, Robert Drewry.--Road Foreman, Robert V. Johnston.--Public Utilities Admin., Vincent F. Susco, Jr.--Animal Control Officer, Colleen Gosselin, Asst., Justin Kunak, Asst.--Town Engineer, CLA Engineers, Inc.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Kathleen Erlandson, Freidrich Hecht, Scott A. Hill, John Nilsen, John Youngs.--Conservation Comm., Peter F. Zawisza, Chm., J. Peter Bergan, Michael Gaynor Brogan, Frank A. Junga, Duncan S. McNeill, Jean Moran, D. Craig Wagner.--Water and Sewer Comm., Mark Barmasse, Chm., Roger W. Abraham, Patrick Fales, Dennis Griswold, John F. Hanson, David Kelsey, Dag Lindland.--Lake Pocotopaug Comm., Robert P. Hart, Chm., John L. Ciriello, Irene M. Curtis, John C. Jordon, Alyce M. Scrivener, Jack Solomon, Thomas O. Wells.--Chief of Police, Matthew Reimondo.--Constables, Dennis Erickson, Frederick Everett, Sr., Paul Pascarelli, Richard Ruel.--Chief of Fire Dept., Robert Stickler.--Fire Marshal, Philip Visintainer.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., David Simko, Chm., Richard Brown, Charles Gotta, Dean Michelson, Matthew D. Walton.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Michael Scranton.--Town Atty., Jean M. D'Aquila.--Justices of the Peace, Tammy Anderson, Susan M. Brown, Thomas M. Cordeiro, Timothy J. Day, William Devine, Marie Durkin, Richard Edmonds, William D. Grady, Gail K. Hamm, Jessie Hazen, William Helveston, David Kelsey, Mary M. Krogh, Dean P. Markham, Ann R. McLaughlin, Toni Means, William J. Naughton, Jr., Maria F. Rand, Suzanne Redfield, Gerard M. Supino, Bruce A. Zawodniak.

EAST HARTFORD. Hartford County.--(Form of government, strong mayor, town council.)--Inc., Oct., 1783; taken from Hartford. Total area, 18.8 sq. miles, Land area, 18.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 49,173. Voting districts, 7. Principal industries, the manufacture of precision parts and aircraft engines, steel fabrication, banking and insurance, paper manufacturing, appliances, television and radio, stamp and die plates, small tools, machinery, metal working, bulk oil storage and distribution, bottling plants, storage warehouses, retail sales, and automobile dealerships. Transp.--Passenger: Served by buses of Conn. Transit from Hartford, Manchester, Rockville, South Windsor and Glastonbury; The Eastern Bus Lines, Inc. from Enfield; Post Road Stages, Inc. from Stafford Springs; and The Arrow Line, Inc. from East Hartford. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, East Hartford (branch of Hartford post office).

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Sharon A. Miller; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 740 Main St., 06108-3114; Internet, www.ci.east-hartford.ct.us/; Tel., Hartford, (860) 291-7230; FAX, (860) 289-0831.--Deputy Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Donna L. Lavado.--Asst. Clerk, Patricia Consalvo.--Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Christine R. Bedard, Eileen P. Driscoll.--Mayor, Melody A. Currey (D).--Town Council, Richard F. Kehoe, Chm., Mary Alice Dwyer-Hughes, Patricia A. Harmon, William P. Horan, Jr., Marcia A. LeClerc, Donald H. Pitkin, Jason Rojas, Eric A. Thompson, Sr., Marc I. Weinberg.--Selectmen, Peter J. Bonzani, J. Roger Pelletier, Richard M. Torpey, Jr.--Treas., Joseph R. Carlson.--Bd. of Ethics, Rev. Paul Henry, Chm., Isolde Bates, Ann K. Fulco; Alternates, Carol Green, Jane Griffin, Judy Shanahan.--Dir. of Finance, Michael P. Walsh.--Tax Collector, Patricia Faucher.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Linda Russo, Chm., Kathleen McNamara-Brazolowich, Richard L. Mourey.--Assessor, Brian Smith; Deputy, Wally Inkpen.--Human Resource Dir., Steven Bielenda.--Personnel Appeals Bd., Shaun Jones, Chm., Edmund J. Mickiewicz, Paul Sousa; Alternates, Anne R. Fornabi, Robert Keating, Valentine P. Povinelli, Jr.--Registrars of Voters, Margaret A. Byrnes (D), Mary J. Mourey (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Marion Martinez.--Bd. of Education, Ram Aberasturia, Cynthia Reik, Dorese Roberts, Prescille F. Yamamoto, 2007; Hilde J. Mayranen-O'Brien, Chm., Robert J. Damaschi, Karen S. Howe, Marcus C. Oladell, IV, Hank Pawlowski, Jr., 2009.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Anthony F. Kayser, Chm., Elaine Carey, Thomas Fitzgerald, John M. Grottole, Paul Roczynski, John Ryan, Kathleen Salemi; Alternates, Peter J. Bonzani, Catherine Condio, Travis J. Simpson.--Town Planner, Michael J. Dayton.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Richard Torpey, Jr., Chm., Richard Begley, Terry Kitchen, James McElroy, Thomas A. Rup; Alternates, Anne Fornabi, Randall Newbury, J. Lucien Plante.--Economic Development Comm., Marilyn Pet, Chm., Debra Arriea, Mary Alice Dwyer-Hughes, Patricia Harmon, Chuck Hutchinson, Devorah Johnson, Ellen McCreery, Marcus C. Oladelli, IV, Susan Skowronek.--Insurance Comm., Patricia Begley, Chm., Joseph Carlson, Esther Clarke, Barbara Rossi.--Redevelopment Agency, William D. Miller, Chm., Daniel Dube, Ellen McCreery, Robin Pearson, vacancy.--Housing Auth., Robert N. Keating, Chm., Wanda Z. Franek, James Kate, Arthur O'Brien, Louise R. Seeley.--Public Bldg. Comm., Daniel DePietro, Richard Domler, Jr., Patricia Harmon, Richard Kehoe, Valentine Povinelli, Jr., Pasquale J. Salemi, Jr., Travis J. Simpson.--Inland Wetlands/Environment Comm., Rosemarie O'Dea, Chm., Robert Carr, Mary Dowden, Michael Malinguaggio, James E. Reik, Judith Shanahan; Alternate, Stacy Greer.--Historic Dist. Comm., David Holmes, Chm., Mary Dowden, Steven T. Hudak, Robert Pasek; Alternates, Jeffrey W. Cummings, Barbara Rossi, Gloria Visgilio-Lupi.--Patriotic Comm., Margaret A. Byrnes, Chm., Patricia Begley, Richard Begley, Elaine Carey, Charles Clarke, Bernard Corona, Albert Doak, Doris Frazier, Vincent Parys, Howard Satalino, Curtis Upton, Melodie Wilson.--Comm. on Svs. for the Elderly, C. Edwin Carlson, Debra M. Gaudette, Gordon Hill, Edward Laliberte, Pricella Lancaster, Frances Rago.--Comm. on Svs. for Persons with Disabilities, Bruce F. Gaudette, Jr., Chm., Albert C. Anderson, Marie Beaulier, Natalie Chirico, Bernard Corona, Virginia Lynch, Florence R. Schroeter, Mary St. Peter.--Retirement Bd., Joseph Carlson, Kurt Christensen, Richard Morrison, Jason Rojas, Elaine Seaward, Frank Vignati, Jr.--Human Rights Comm., Paul Di Santo, Jeanne Evans, John P. Geik, Elizabeth Harlow, Thomas Reardon, Geraldine Rozie, Ulises Toledano.--Dir. of Health/Social Svs., James Cordier, M.P.H.--Emergency Medical Svs. Comm., Michelina Lauzier, Chm., Catherine Condio, Fire Chief Michael Eremita, Mary J. Mourey, Dorese Roberts, John Ryan, Police Chief Mark J. Sirios, Eric Thompson.--Municipal Historian, vacancy.--Dir. of Libraries, Patrick Jones.--Library Comm., Thomas Rup, Chm., Shirley Bornhiem, Charles W. Casella, Jr., Anthony Foran, Patrick Jones, Lisa McMahon, Susan Skowronek, Betty Squires, Gloria Visgilio-Lupi.--Dir. of Youth Svs., Cephus Nolen, Jr.--Beautification Comm., Patricia Sirois, Chm., Helen Boardman, Patricia Byrnes, Marylee Hickey, Dolores Kehoe, Susan Kickery, Elizabeth Kilgariff, Mary J. Mourey, Antonio Russo.--Fine Arts Comm., John Ryan, Chm., Regina Barall, Terrye Blackstone, Eileen Driscoll, Karen Howe, Elizabeth Kilgariff, Hilde Mayranen-O'Brien, Glynis McKenzie, Judith Okeson, Lorraine Powers, Maureen Rodgers, Dan L. Russell, Florence Schroeter, Susan Tukey, Prescille Yamamoto.--Dir. of Parks and Recreation, C. Roger Moss.--Dir. of Public Works, Billy Taylor; Asst. Dir. Richard Toce.--Purchasing Agent, John R. Martin.--Town Engineer, M. Denise Horan.--Dir. of Licences and Inspections/Zoning Enforcement Officer, Bonnie Nicholas.--Development Dir., Jeanne Webb.--Sealer of Weights and Measures, vacancy.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals and Property Maintenance, Robert J. Damaschi, Dominic Fulco, Mary E. Korngiebel, Michael Malinguaggio, Travis J. Simpson, Patricia Sirois.--Sanitarians, Michael O'Connor, Robin Sleeman.--Chief of Police, Mark Sirois.--Constables, Richard L. Begley, Kurt Christensen, Patricia W. Gately, John R. Johnston, Michelle Marie Lock, Melodie D. Wilson, Tia L. Woods.--Chief of Fire Dept., Michael Eremita.--Fire Marshal, Gloria Stokes.--Emergency Management Coord., Edward Urbansky.--Corporation Counsel, Scott Chadwick.--Justices of the Peace, C. Edwin Carlson, Esther B. Clarke, Richard C. Connelly, Jr., Maria Connors, Anna Dziadosz, Sophie J. Dziadosz, Anne R. Fornabi, Wanda Z. Franek, Domenic Fulco, Richard P. Gentile, Ana D. Gould, Gustavo A. Hago, Marylee A. Hickey, Salvatore G. Ingallinera, Joan R. Kate, Anita L. Malcolm, Harry T. Mapp, Margaret A. Moore, Mary J. Mourey, Onelia Nunez, Arthur T. O'Brien, Elizabeth K. Pauski, Hank Pawlowski, Jr., Donald H. Pitkin, J. Lucien Plante, James E. Reik, Dorese Roberts, John Ryan, Kathleen S. Salemi, Joel Sanchez, Florence R. Schroeter, Travis J. Simpson, Patricia Sirois, Raymond A. St. Peter.

EAST HAVEN. New Haven County.--(Form of government, mayor, town council, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1785; taken from New Haven. Total area, 13.4 sq. miles, Land area, 12.3 sq. miles. Population, est., 28,755. Voting districts, 5, with 2 subdistricts. Principal industry, wholesale distribution and warehousing, electronic components and equipment, architectural castings, high-tech welding equipment; research and development, printing, insurance and investments. Served by buses of Conn. Transit from New Haven and Branford. Freight: Served by Conrail and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, East Haven.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Elizabeth C. Leary; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall 250 Main St., 06512-3004; Internet, nearhome.com/ct/easthaven/muni/; Tel., (203) 468-3201; FAX, (203) 468-3372 (Mayor's Office).--Asst. Clerk, Lucille Huelin.--Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Lucille Huelin, Victoria Pollio, Lorene Russell.--Mayor, Joseph Maturo, Jr. (R).--Town Council, 1st Dist., Kenneth W. McKay, Chm., Barbara F. Cunningham, Fred J. Parlato; 2nd Dist., Susan M. Deko, Vincent F. Mauro, Daniel J. McCann; 3rd Dist., April Capone Almon, Carl J. Ruggiero, Robert S. Sand; 4th Dist., Robert J. Cubellotti, Andrew G. Giannelli, Charles M. Lang; 5th Dist., Leon G. Archambault, Jessie Caruso, Carol D. Massaro.--Selectmen, Yariaslavia Briggs, Noreen Campbell-Parlato, Jason Hollenbeck.--Bd. of Ethics, John Antonucci, Louis Crisci, Rev. Gilbert V. Wilkes III.--Treas., Margaret L. Vitale.--Bd. of Finance, Mayor Joseph Maturo, Jr., ex officio, Richard A. DePalma, Paul R. Karbowski, Mark J. Petonito, Charles A. Schlegel, Anthony Serio, Ralph J. Vitale; Paul Rizza, Dir.--Civil Service Comm., Louis Crisci, Chm., Mary Lou Johnson, Carol N. Massaro.--Tax Collector, Lisa Basilicato.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Alfred A. Dalbero, Chm., Edward Carradino, Janet Cianelli, Annette Gambardella, Joseph M. Karbowski.--Assessor, Michael J. Milici.--Registrars of Voters, Joseph F. Buonome (D), Donna Norman (R).--Supt. of Schools, Anthony Serio.--Bd. of Education, John T. Finkle III, Chm., Ronald A. DeNuzzo, Jr., Lisa D. Geraci-Anastasio, Frank A. Hammell, Thomas S. Hennessay, Robert M. Parente, Nancy E. Perez, Pasquale E. Romano, Marilyn M. Vitale.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Frank Cappelloni, Chm., Charles J. Coyle, Jr., Josephine DiLungo, Robert Falcigno, Suzanne G. Pine; Alternates, Ralph Capello, Paul Constantinople, Richard Fiorillo.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, George Mingione.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Michael Liso, Chm., Richard C. Anania, George M. Hennessey, Benjamin J. Mazzucco, Jr., Jeffrey Vance; Alternates, Alfred A. Dalbero, Benjamin A. Giaquinto, Lawrence Lamonthe.--Economic Development Comm., Dennis Amendola, Chm., Paul Burns, Andrew D'Agostino, Frank Hurley, John J. Serio.--Urban Renewal/Housing Agency, Anthony Moscato, Chm., Albert Fucci, Stephen B. Hadden, Marjorie Mitchell, Ralph Vitale.--Housing Auth., Carol Massaro, Chm., Bridget McCann, Oni Sioson, Joseph Vellali, vacancy.--Inland Wetlands Comm., Ronald Andrade, Chm., Gerald Jaffe, Richard T. Poulton, Steven Stone, Eric Warmoth; Alternates, Paul Carbo, James Midolo, Jr.--Flood and Erosion Control Bd., Edward Donroe, Jr., Chm., James B. Cunningham, Jr., Peter Leonardi, Susan Mauro, Ralph W. Salemme; Alternates, Albert Bonanno, vacancy.--Agent for the Elderly, Gladys Marini.--Counseling and Community Service, Donald Franco, Chm., Julia Coppola, Eileen H. DeMayo, Kenneth Sitnick, vacancy.--Social Svs. Dir., Veronica Wright.--Dir. of Health, Jim Monopoli.--Library Bd., Eileen DeMayo, Chm., Linda Abbott, Sylvia DePalma, Hana Mark, Marjorie Mitchell, Norma J. Mohler, Kathryn Tonucci, Kathleen A. Yuse, vacancy; Ellen Gambini, Dir.--Recreation and Athletic Complex Comm., Marc Conte, Frank Crisafi, Mark Cunningham, Biagio L. Fronte, Michael Sorbo.--Public Svs. Dir./Town Engineer, Mario Ricozzi.--Building Official, James Bassett.--Chief of Police, Leonard L. Gallo.--Police Comm., Pasquale Romano, Chm., John Flynn, William Illingworth, Terry Pine, Sandra Wright.--Constables, George E. Doebrick, Jr., Cathy Finkle, Mary Ann Melillo, Vincent Mitchell, Pasquale Romano, Anna Rose Russo, Beth Tramontano.--Chief of Fire Dept./Civil Preparedness Dir., Douglas Jackson.--Fire Marshal, Anthony Moscato.--Bd. of Fire Comrs., Joseph N. Piccirillo, Chm., Michael DePalma, Joseph Jarmie, Daniel Keyes, Douglas MacDonald.--Town Atty., Lawrence Sgrignari; Assts., Hugh Keefe, Vincent Cervoni.--Justices of the Peace, Linda A. Abbott, April Capone Almon, Richard Angiollo, Noreen E. Clough, Maria J. DeBenedet, Arthur L. DeSorbo, Clara L. DiMartino, Jeanne M. Donaruma, Judith F. Kamienski, Frank J. Kolb, Jr., Carmel Limoncelli, Marc S. Mason, Carol A. Massaro, John P. Messina, Sr., Samantha A. Parlato, Judy L. Ruggiero, Lois M. Ruocco, Magdalen Sparaco, Paula E. Sullo, Anthony J. Teodosio, Alberta A. Vitale, Lisa C. Vitale, Marilyn M. Vitale, Sandra A. Woodhouse, Sandra K. Wright.

EAST LYME. New London County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1839; taken from Lyme and Waterford. Total area, 42.0 sq. miles, Land area, 34.0 sq. miles. Population, est., 18,459. Voting districts, 3. Principal industries, boat marinas, sport fishing, tourism. Transp.--Passenger: Served by SEAT and Amtrak. Post offices, East Lyme and Niantic.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Esther B. Williams; Hours, 8:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; 1st and 3rd Thurs. to 7:00 P.M. (By Appt.); Address, Town Hall, 108 Pennsylvania Ave., P.O. Box 519, Niantic 06357-0519; Tel., Niantic, (860) 739-6931, Ext. 120; FAX, (860) 739-6930; E-Mail, ewilliams@eltownhall.com; Internet, www.eltownhall.com/.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Lesley A. Blais, Karen M. Galbo.--Selectmen, 1st, Beth A. Hogan (D), P.O. Box 519, Niantic, Tel., (860) 739-6931, Rose Ann Hardy (D), Andrew McKirdy (R), Joseph S. Raia (D), F. Kent Sistare, Jr. (R), Robert C. Wilson (D).--Treas., Bruce R. Brailey (P.O., Niantic).--Bd. of Finance, Jill S. Carini, Sharon L. Hansen, Robert Jones, Robin Maillett, Isadore Schwartz, Rocco R. Tricarico.--Tax Collector, John McCulloch.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Anthony F. Attanasio, Jill K. Carini, Abraham I. Fisher, John T. Kish, Jr., Joan C. Schwartz.--Assessor, Donna Price Bekech.--Registrars of Voters, Carol Marelli (D), Nancy Moran (R).--Supt. of Schools, Paul Smotas.--Bd. of Education, Judith F. Engel, Timothy Hagen, Susan W. Lyons, Stephen M. McCue, Katherine D. Young-Murphy, 2007; Mary Broderick, Andrew M. Dousis, Jr., Albert Littlefield, Marlene Popeo Nickerson, Kevin A. Seery, 2009. --Planning Comm., Lisa H. Picarazzi, Chm., Steven J. Carpenteri, Paul Dagle, Gregory Ellis, Lisa H. Picarazzi, Francine Schwartz, vacancy; Alternates, Sarah Ann Mulholland, Richard G. Quelle.--Town Planner, Margaret Parulis.--Zoning Comm., Mark C. Nickerson, Chm., Pamela J. Byrnes, Rosanna L. Carabelas, Edward P. Gada, Norman B. Peck III, Marc Salerno; Alternates, Joseph S. Barry, Robert J. Bulmer, William Dwyer.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, William Mulholland.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Thomas Boguszewski, Francis H. Hunt, Shawn M. McLaughlin, Lewis Mostowy, William Mountzoures; Alternates, Florence Hurley, Craig Mason, Arthur C. Saunders, III.--Economic Development Comm., Donald V. Clark, Robert Cope, Richard Gada, John Jensen, Steven G. Santino, Edward Shapiro, Howard Tisler.--Conservation Comm., Norman K. Bender, Candace Bodenhofer, Richard Gallagher, Edmund W. Hafner, Cheryl M. Lozanov, Ronald C. Nichols, Walter Prochorena; Alternates, David Higgins, Joseph Mingo, Charles Reluga.--Comm. on Aging, Mary Broga, Marge Caste, Beverly DeFord, Ilene Harris, Philip L. Mountain, Jane H. Powers, Clarence Thomas; Cathy Wilson, Citizen Admin.--Dir. of Health, David D. Thompson, Jr. (P.O. Niantic).--Town Historian, Wilbur Beckwith.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Jacqueline Curry, Edward H. Dzwilewski, Charles Fenick, Milan Keser, Roger Nadeau, J. Robert Pfanner, William J. Willetts, Jr.; David M. Putnam, Dir.--Town Engineer, Bill Scheer.--Supt. of Highways, Charles Holyfield.--Building Inspector, Joseph D. Smith.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Paul J. Baker, Jr., John Cutillo III, J. Robert Pfanner, Eugene Schultz, Frederick Sullivan.--Supt. of Sewers, Richard Pape.--Water and Sewer Dir., Michael Giannattasio.--Dir. of Public Works/Water and Sewer Comm., Beth A. Hogan, Chm., Charles P. Ashburn, Jr., Mary N. Cahill, Stephen DiGiovanna, Robert Gadbois, Joseph J. Mingo, Roger Spencer, Howard Tisler, David Zoller.--Senior Sanitarian, George C. Calkins.--Sanitarian, vacancy.--Tree Warden, Wesley Jezierski.--Chief of Police, Beth A. Hogan.--Constables, Bruce W. Babcock, Jean Cavanaugh, Peter Cleary, Mark Comeau, Joseph Dunn, Mark Hallbauer, Eric Holt, Dana Huffman, Michael Jezierski, Eric Kwasniewski, James Levandoski, Mike Macek, Donald Marr, Richard McSwain, Kenneth Mellor, Paul Renshaw, Terry Saffioti, Joseph San Juan, Thomas Smith, Lawrence Watson.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Kyle Foley (Flanders), Ronald Pringle, (Niantic).--Fire Marshal, Richard E. Morris.--Emergency Mgmt. Dir./Public Safety Dir., Pearl F. Rathbun; Deputies, Nick Merola, Ellen St. Aubin, vacancy.--Town Atty., Edward O'Connell (P.O., New London).--Justices of the Peace, Anthony Attanasio, Beverly M. Barnard, Christopher M. Barrett, Barbara L. Birmingham, Paul L. Bobinski, Barbara M. Brown, Sarah B. Budds, Robert J. Bulmer, Susan M. Byrnes, Steven Carpenteri, Pierce F. Connair, William Covey, Saundra T. DuBose, Edward H. Dzwilewski, William J. Ebersole, Jr., Paul Formica, Scott E. Fraser, Wayne L. Fraser, Karen Miller Galbo, Susan M. Graham, Rose Ann Hardy, Alfred B. Hobby, John E. Hogan, John T. Hoye, Francis H. Hunt, Dale H. Johnson, Robert Jones, Laura Kokoska, Elizabeth A. Korineck, Clifford Kramm, Kathleen K. Kushman, Eric Kwasniewski, Joseph J. Kwasniewski, Robert B. Leete, Robin F. Maillett, James E. Mattern, Paul J. McDonough, Andrew C. McKirdy, Joseph J. Mingo, Edward V. Morris, Lewis Mostowy, Regina Mostowy, Mark C. Nickerson, Gary Orefice, Jane H. Powers, William P. Powers, Daniel E. Price, Margaret D. Prokop, Joseph S. Raia, Joanne S. Reeves, Francine Schwartz, Isadore Schwartz, Joan Schwartz, Dawn M. Seery, Kevin A. Seery, F. Kent Sistare, Jr., Cheryl L. Six, Mary Grace Smith, Joseph Steele, Pamela R. Stevens, Allan R. Taylor, Arthur S. Tuttle, Adam S. Walsh, Esther B. Williams, Robert C. Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Carol A. Zebzda.

EASTON. Fairfield County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1845; taken from Weston. Total area, 28.6 sq. miles, Land area, 27.4 sq. miles. Population, est., 7,488. Voting district, 1. Residential community. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Easton (branch of Bridgeport post office).

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Dr. W. Derek Buckley; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M., Mon.-Fri.; Address, Town Hall, P.O. Box 61, 225 Center Rd., 06612-1398; Tel., Bridgeport, (203) 268-6291; FAX, (203) 261-6080; E-Mail, townclerk@eastonct.org; Internet, www.eastonct.org.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Joan Kirk, Deborah K. Szegedi.--Selectmen, 1st, William J. Kupinse, Jr. (R) Tel., (203) 268-6291, Scott S. Centrella (R), Robert H. Lessler (D).--Admin. Asst., Althea J. Falco.--Treas., Suzanne C. Ryan McCauley.--Comptroller, Grace Stanczyk.--Bd. of Finance, Andrew R. Kachele, Chm., Elise L. Broach, Thomas A. Herrmann, Thomas H. Partridge, Salvatore Tartaglione; C. Lee Hanson, Clerk; Alternates, Kirk Bennett, Arthur Laske III, Mark Pompa.--Bd. of Ethics, Richard Scalo, Chm., Sal Morlando, Beverly Nardone, Michael Reisman, Barbara Stowell.--Tax Collector, Patrice G. Hildenbrand.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Donald Calvert, Chm., Hugh J. Barry, Judy K. Weinstein; Alternates, A. Reynolds Gordon, Lori Mezes, vacancy.--Assessor, Teresa Rainieri; Asst., Louise F. Oakes.--Registrars of Voters, Nicholas V. Soares, Jr. (D), Eunice K. Hanson (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. Allen Fossbender; Peggy Sullivan, Dir., Finance and Operations.--Bd. of Education, Dr. Alan Katz, Glen N. Maiorano, 2007; John Allan, Jr., Chm., Dr. Elin Cohen, 2009; Alfred M. Treidel, Daniel Underberger, 2011.--Personnel Dir., William J. Kupinse, Jr.--Pension and Employees Benefit Comm., Alan Goldbecker, Chm., John Campbell, Marvin Gelfand, A. Reynolds Gordon, John Harrington, Michael Keden, William J. Kupinse, Jr., Dennis M. Laccavole.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Robert E. Maquat, Chm., Paul Domianni, Russell R. Leggett, Marje Tracy, Wallace Williams; Alternates, Steve Carlson, Darrin Silhavy, Milan Spisek.--Zoning Enforcement Officer/Inland Wetlands Officer, Phillip A. Doremus.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, John W. Harris, Chm., Patricia Berlin, Raymond W. Ganim, Victor George, Mitchell H. Greenberg; Alternates, Gregory Alves, Thomas Dollard, Charles Lynch.--Building Bd. of Appeals, John Marsillio, Harry L.. Ruzicka, Jr.; Alternates, Thomas M. Sheehan, three vacancies.--Open Burning Official, Peter G. Neary.--Solid Waste Comm., Clint Salko, Chm., Thomas Collins, Anthony J. Colonnese, Thomas Dollard, Philip Snow.--Clean Energy Task Force, Catherine Alfandre, Heidi Armster, Katie Callahan, Robert DeVillis, Fred Lovejoy, Regina McNamara.--Land Preservation and Acquisition Authority, A.J. Afridi, Victor Alfandre, Gail Bromer, Carolyn Colangelo.--Conservation Comm., Stephen Corti, Adam Dunsby, Stephen J. Edwards, Robert P. Falkenhagen, Roy Gosse, Eleanor I. Sylvestro, Dori M. Wollen; Alternates, Daniel Lent, Peggy Macaluso, vacancy.--Southwest CT Reg. Recycling Operating Comm., Edward L. Nagy; Alternate, John Neary.--Area Nine Cable Council, Leighton Jordan, Richard Seclow; Alternate, Douglas Dempsey.--Dir. of Social Svs., Josephine Stenqvist.--Comm. for the Aging, Cecilia Campbell, Gail Gay, Terri Kelso, Phyllis Neary, Sharon Poole; Alternates, Nancy Gavison, Carol Hume, Janet Klein.--Municipal Agent for the Elderly, Patricia R. Finick.--Senior Center Advisory Bd., Janet Gordon, Chm., Sharon Cregeen, Robert Factor, Anne Fiyalka, Prabha Gupta, Joan Kirk, Dr. Claire Paolini, Salvatore Santella, Alice Weissman; Valerie J. Buckley, Dir., ex officio; Alternate, Marilyn Santella.--Technology Comm., John Brennan, Anthony Farmer, John Hill, Kholman Johnson, Paul Shimko.--Dir. of Health, Dr. Christopher Michos.--Sanitarian, Paula A. Edwards.--Cemetery Comm., Dr. W. Derek Buckley, Chm., Phillip A. Doremus, Lynne George; Adjunct Members, Robert Bloom, Jonathan Fanton, Kevin A. King, David Silverglade, Mary Lou Weinstein.--Town Sexton, Dr. W. Derek Buckley.--Emergency Medical Svs. Comm., Robert Adriani, Gloria Bindelglass, William Chiarenzelli, Adele O'Kane, James Spak, M.D.--Bd. of Library Dirs., Rita B. Seclow, Chm., John V. Hancock, Michael P. Kot, Joanne M. Sezon, Jonathan Sonneborn, Elaine Spicer; Dir., Bernadette Baldino.--Park and Recreation Comm., John A. Cunningham, Chm., Thomas A. Cable, Cheryl A. Everett, Michael Fleischer, Robert H. Menegay, Kathleen A. Roach, Kathleen L. Smith; Gary Simone, Dir.--Highway Supt., Keith Rivoir.--Dir. of Public Works/Town Engineer, Edward L. Nagy, P.E.--Tree Warden, Richard B. McLaughlin; Deputy, Phillip A. Doremus.--Building Official/Inspector, Emil W. Martin.--Insurance Comm., Wendy Bowditch, John Harrington, William J. Kupinse, Jr., Peter Pisaretz; Bd. of Ed. Rep., John Allan.--Chief of Police, John F. Solomon.--Police Comm., Kathleen Cunningham, Ronald E. Kowalski II, John J. Neary, Robert Nicola, Roger Wollen.--Constables, George A. Beno, Gloria Bindelglass, James J. Mellen, Gerald G. Mulligan, Russell E. Neary, Joseph L. Silhavy, Irving Silverman.--Chief of Fire Dept., Douglas Von Holtz.--Fire Marshal, Peter G. Neary; Deputies, Amy Borosfsky, Lucy E. Crossman, Schuyler D. Sherwood.--Fire Comm., Ralph T. Altieri, George Beno, Anthony J. Colonnese, Theresa Connell, vacancy.--Animal Control Officer, Kelly Fitch; Assts., Marge Costa, Mary Munck, Shani Pugliese.--Emergency Management Dir., William Chiarenzelli.--Town Atty., chosen as needed.--Justices of the Peace, Robert A. Adriani, Hugh J. Barry, George A. Beno, Lisa Biagiarelli, Alison Leigh Bonds, Valerie J. Buckley, W. Derek Buckley, Rose L. Buzzuto, Anthony J. Colonnese, Cheryl Constand, John A. Cunningham, George N. Donas, Phillip A. Doremus, Richard P. Ewing, Charles R. Feld, Denise L. Fenton, Mary Ann C. Freeman, Maria E. Gaines, George W. Ganim, Raymond W. Ganim, Joann M. Gelfand, Victor S. George, Richard F. Greiser, C. Lee Hanson, Eunice K. Hanson, Robert E. Hennessey, Clarence J. Jennings, Andrew J. Kachele, Joan M. Kirk, Monte S. Klein, Edward J. Kovac, Ronald E. Kowalski II, Robert H. Lessler, Phyllis C. Machledt, Albert A. Mansi, James J. Mellen, Alice V. Meyer, John J. Neary, Peter G. Neary, Robert J. Nicola, Anne C. Partridge, Thomas H. Partridge, Joseph L. Silhavy, Nicholas V. Soares, Jr., Gerald F. Soltisiak, Patricia Soltisiak, Cleo Sonneborn, Elaine H. Spicer, Lisa V. Tasi, Alfred M. Treidel, Emmett Wallace, Ronald D. Williams, Andrew H. Wolff.

EAST WINDSOR. Hartford County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1768; taken from Windsor. Total area, 26.8 sq. miles, Land area, 26.3 sq. miles. Population, est., 10,447. Voting districts, 2. Principal industries, agriculture, support system facilities, and manufacture of small tools, paper boxes, electronics, aluminum by-products, farm implements and fertilizers. Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Broad Brook and East Windsor.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Karen W. Gaudreau; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-4:30 P.M., Mon. through Wed.; 8:30 A.M.-7:00 P.M., Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-1:00 P.M., Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 11 Rye St., P.O. Box 213, Broad Brook 06016-0213; Internet, www.eastwindsor-ct.gov; Tel., Windsor Locks, (860) 292-8255; FAX, (860) 623-4798.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Mary Higgins, Joanne M. Slater.--Selectmen, Kenneth C. Crouch (R), Gilbert R. Hayes (D), Mark Simmons (R), two vacancies.--Treas., Mary M. Szabo.--Ethics Comm., Gilbert R. Lowell, Jayne Lucas, Dale A. Nelson, Ralph Saunders, Mary L. Wyse.--Bd. of Finance, Paul Catino, Chm., Marie E. DeSousa, William G. Dove, Noreen P. Farmer, John D. Mannette, Dale A. Nelson; Alternates, Robert N. Little, Leo Szymanski.--Tax Collector, Janet L. Regina.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Marilyn F. Butenkoff, James M. Lenegan, Elaine A. Stevens.--Assessor, Caroline G. Madore.--Registrars of Voters, Marilyn S. Rajala (D), Linda C. Sinsigallo (R).--Supt. of Schools, Timothy S. Howes.--Bd. of Education, John V. Pica, Chm., Leisa C. Guiliano, Leslie Jane Hunt, Judith B. Rajala, Terri P. Willingham, 2007; JoAnn Burnham-Kubick, JoAnne G. Holigan, William G. Raber, Jr., Wade W. Signor, 2009.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Frank Gowdy, Gary G. Guiliano, Denise Menard, Joseph Ouellette, Kevin Saunders; Alternates, Steve Farmer, John A. Matthews, Dave Tyler.--Town Planner, Laurie P. Whitten.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Nancy J. Rudek.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Michael A. Ceppetelli, Chm., Thomas V. Arcari, Mary E. Buckley, Clifford L. Nelson, Stanley W. Paleski, Jr.; Alternates, Kathleen Bilodeau, Thomas J. Gudzunas, vacancy.--Economic Development Comm., Sharon Aprea, Richard L. Covill, Matthew Crossen, Josh Kapelner, Michael Maloney, Eric Moffett, James C. Richards.--Housing Auth., Karen Boutin, Barbara R. LaMay, Pauline C. Legassie, Ruth Mezzetti, Beverly Percoski.--Conservation and Inland Wetlands Comm., Michael Ceppetelli, Linda Kehoe, Michael J. Koczera, John E. Malin, Richard Osborn, Michael Sawka, Rene Thibodeau; Alternates, Tina McCarter, Janice Warren, vacancy.--Elderly Comm., Claire S. Badstubner, Trevor Bray, Catherine Drouin, Madeleine Thompson, vacancy; Elizabeth Burns, Municipal Agent.--Social Svs. Coordinator, Elizabeth Burns.--Dir. of Health, William Blitz (P.O., Enfield).--Parks and Recreation Comm., Sandra B. Foster, Chm., Nicole Hayes, Blaine G. Simpkins, Theodore W. Szymanski, Sarah Waltiere.--Dir. of Public Works/Town Engineer, Leonard J. Norton.--Building Inspector, Rand D. Stanley.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Paul R. Anderson, Reginald E. Bancroft, Thomas F. Davis, Mark Livings, David A. Tyler; Alternates, D. James Barton, Jr., Edward Farrell.--Chief of Police, Edward J. DeMarco, Jr.--Police Comm., D. James Barton, Jr., Lorraine N. Devanney, Steven Knibloe, Richard U. Sherman, Linda C. Sinsigallo.--Constables, Jeffrey J. Bancroft, James P. Barton, Frank L. Kirchhof, Jr., Richard P. Pippin, Jr., Blaine G. Simpkins, Leo Szymanski, George H. Ulitsch.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Louis C. Myers (Broad Brook), James P. Barton (Warehouse Point).--Fire Marshals, Blaine G. Simpkins (East Windsor), Christy Delvey (Warehouse Point); Acting Deputy, Donald Arcari (East Windsor).--Pension and Retirement Comm., Paul Catino, Ken Crouch, Marie DeSousa, Lorraine Devanney, Dale Nelson, John Pica, Tammy Sorensen-Duray, Mary Szabo.--Civil Preparedness Dir., Blaine G. Simpkins.--Town Attys., Penny, Botticello, O'Brien and Higgins, P.C.--Justices of the Peace, Claire S. Badstubner, Michael T. Balf, Jeffrey J. Bancroft, Reginald E. Bancroft, D. James Barton, Jr., Walter E. Bass, Jr., Gerard B. Breau, Elizabeth E. Burns, George G. Butenkoff, Marilyn F. Butenkoff, Constance R. Cormier, Robert J. Cormier, Matthew Crossen, Marie E. DeSousa, Ronald J. Drolett, Teresa Drolett, Karen W. Gaudreau, Frances M. Keenan, Steven D. Knibloe, JoAnn Kubick, Louise D. Lyke, Robert K. Lyke, Jr., Caroline G. Madore, Maria P. Martineau, Gary L. Mazzone, Cliff Nelson, Dale A. Nelson, Raymond G. Noble, Carol J. Parda, Beverly W. Percoski, John V. Pica, Kathleen B. Pippin, John E. Rajala, Judith Rajala, Marilyn S. Rajala, Scott Riach, Joseph F. Roberts, Linda Roberts, Gary A. Roy, Denise E. Sabotka, Betty Ann Sheridan, Blaine G. Simpkins, Linda C. Sinsigallo, Thomas J. Sinsigallo, Sr., Jayne Lucas Smith, Mary M. Szabo, Charles J. Szymanski, Thomas F. Tamiso, Robert M. Watts.

ELLINGTON. Tolland County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., May, 1786; taken from East Windsor. Total area, 34.6 sq. miles, Land area, 34.1 sq. miles. Population, est., 14,217. Voting districts, 2. Principal industry, agriculture. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. The town is served by rural delivery from the Ellington post office.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Diane H. McKeegan; Hours, 8:30 A.M.-6:00 P.M., Mon.; 8:30 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Tues. through Thurs.; 8:30 A.M.-1:30 P.M., Fri., (recording cut off is 5:30 P.M., Mon.; 3:45 P.M., Tues. through Thurs.; 1:15 P.M., Fri.); Address, 55 Main St., P.O. Box 187, 06029-0187; E-Mail, townclerk@ellington-ct.gov; Internet, www.ellington-ct.gov; Tel., Ellington, (860) 870-3105; FAX, (860) 870-3197.--Asst. Clerks and Asst. Regs. of Vital Statistics, Sheila M. Bailey; Ellen Typrowicz, Admin. Clerk.--Selectmen, 1st, Michael P. Stupinski (R), Tel., (860) 870-3100, Peter J. Charter (R), Dennis W. Frawley (D), Ann L. Harford (R), A. Leo Miller, Jr. (D), James Prichard (R), Michael Scudieri (R).--Bd. of Finance, Robert K. Pagani, Chm., Richard J. Cleary, Jr., Robert J. Clements, Mark A. Joyse, Barry C. Pinto, Albert S. Wachsman; Nicholas J. DiCorleto, Jr., Finance Officer; Deputy, Andrea Salemi.--Tax Collector, Ann Marie Conti; Brenda Strong, Deputy; Dawn Stavens, Clerk.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Thomas J. Stack, Chm., Marie Bedor, Peter V. Korbusieski; Alternates, two vacancies.--Assessor, Rhonda McCarty; Deputy, Patrick Sullivan; Mary Thiesing, Clerk.--Registrars of Voters, Susan Luginbuhl (D), Wanda Deland (R).--Supt. of Schools, Stephen Cullinan.--Bd. of Education, Dale C. Roberson, Chm., Maurice W. Blanchette, Howard Friedman, Emilio Gilberto, William Harford, Tracy Kiff-Judson, 2007; Gary J. Blanchette, Ann Marie Hayes, Daniel C. Keune, Sean M. Millane, Sr., 2009.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Arlo Hoffman, Acting Chm., Clifford L. Aucter, Robert G. Hoffman, Geraldine R. Kupecky, Lori L. Spielman, Emery L. Zahner; Alternates, James M. Prichard, Carol A. Strom, Joe Wehr.--Town Planner, Robert Phillips.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Mary B. Cardin, Chm., Kenneth M. Braga, William F. Harford, Adam LaFleche, Robert R. Palozej, Mark R. Spurling; Alternates, Joseph T. Snyder, Ronald Stomberg, Robert Wambolt.--Economic Development Comm., Laurie Fiore, John Luginbuhl, Aaron Olmsted, Laura A. Sherman.--Housing Auth., Stephen Schindler, Chm., Margaret Bean, Katherine Cusson, Deborah Stauffer, vacancy; Theodore Yampanis, Exec. Dir.--Conservation Comm., Shawn Costello, Chm., Jesse Amsel, Glenn W. Eberly, James Gage, David Hurley, Walter Moody, George Nickerson.--Inland Wetlands Agency, Kenneth Braga, Chm., Jean Burns, Steven J. Hoffman, Donald J. McConnell, Christine Murphy, two vacancies.--Social Svs. Coordinator, Doris Crayton.--Health Dir., William H. Blitz, M.P.H.R.S. (P.O., Enfield).--Human Svs. Comm., Yale Cantor, Chm., Melinda Ferry, Helen Filloramo, Cynthia Heidari, Anne Nickerson, Sandra-Anne Orsini, Hassan Salley, Susan Stack.--Library Dirs., John M. Halloran, Jr., Chm., Mary Blanchette, Mary K. Clements, Joanne T. Gallicchio, John M. Halloran, Jr., James M. Stoughton, Miriam N. Underwood.--Municipal Historian, vacancy.--Parks and Recreation Comm., Gordon Oliver, Chm., Neal Breen, Vice Chm., Thomas Boscarino, Hunter Giroux, Kevin Hayes, Robert Larew, Thomas Neeson, Michael Pantuosco, Thomas Stauffer; Robert Tedford, Dir.--Dir. of Public Works/Tree Warden, Peter H. Michaud.--Town Engineer, James Thompson.--Building Inspector, Peter R. Williams.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Howard Reckert, Chm., James W. Alexander, Thomas Connelly, Donald Gobeille, Jr., vacancy.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Mark Spurling, Chm., Edward Duell, Christopher Hyson, Rex Myers, Daniel Parisi.--Chief of Police, Michael P. Stupinski.--Constables, Bart Alexander, Theodore Baran, Michael Bard, Aaron Blank, Arthur Carlson, Michael Caron, Martin Dorey, Michael Dubois, Joseph Grayeb, Robert Hoffman, Maureen Lowe, Sebastian Magnano.--Chiefs of Fire Dept., Michael Varney (Center), Charles Pippin (Crystal Lake).--Fire Marshal, Allan Lawrence (Ellington).--Civil Preparedness Dir., Don Davis.--Town Atty., Atherton B. Ryan.--Justices of the Peace, Clifford L. Aucter, Maurice Blanchette, Yale Cantor, Peter J. Charter, Robert J. Clements, Thomas J. Connelly, Dale T. Cunningham, Thomas J. Dzicek, Glenora G. Forbes, Dennis W. Frawley, Vaughn E. Gerber, Frank C. Graziani, John M. Halloran, Jr., Ann L. Harford, Marion W. Hoffman, Leonard A. Johnson, James R. Josephiac, Edwin M. Lavitt, Tony G. Locke, Pamela B. Lombardo, Thaddeus J. Okolo, Bettie Rivard-Darby, Hassan W. Salley, Mark R. Spurling, Jerrold R. Starr, Lorette R. Starr, Michael P. Stupinski, John S. Watts, Rachel L. Wheeler-Rossow.

ENFIELD. Hartford County.--(Form of government, town manager, town council.)--Named and inc., by Massachusetts, 1683; annexed to Conn., May, 1749. Total area, 34.2 sq. miles, Land area, 33.4 sq. miles. Population, est., 45,441. Voting districts, 9. Principal industries, insurance, manufacture of toys, water filtration systems, specialized machinery, aluminum and magnesium castings, wooden reels for wire and cables, silk screening, games, greeting cards, tools and gauges, envelopes, laser beam welding, warehouse distribution of toys, clothing and pharmaceuticals, manufacture of electronic assemblies, processing of food and dairy products, ice cream, vegetable and tobacco farming. Located on Rte. I-91, 18 miles north of Hartford and 8 miles south of Springfield, MA. Transp.--Passenger: Public transportation by Conn. Transit Bus lines, and by Pioneer Valley Transit Auth. Freight: Served by Conrail, Boston and Maine Corporation and numerous motor common carriers. Post office, Enfield; carrier and RFD.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Suzanne F. Olechnicki; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, 820 Enfield St., 06082-2997; Internet, www.enfield.org/; Tel., (860) 253-6440; FAX, (860) 253-6310.--Deputy Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Karen L. Coolong.--Asst. Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Joyce Plasse.--Town Manager, Matthew Coppler.--Town Council, Dist. 1, Brian H. Peruta; Dist. 2, William J. Edgar, Jr.; Dist. 3, Scott R. Kaupin; Dist. 4, Douglas C. Maxellon; Councilmen at Large, Patrick J. Crowley, William F. Lee, Cynthia Mangini, Kenneth R. Nelson, Jr., William Ragno; Patrick L. Tallarita, Mayor; Kenneth Hilinski, Deputy Mayor.--Ethics Comm., Alan H. Boisvere, Edward J. Demarco, Jr., Bruce W. Lovell, John F. McCafferty, Richard W. Villeneuve; Alternates, Mark T. Sargent, Kenneth Varriale.--Dir. of Finance, Gregory R. Simmons.--Dep. Dir. of Finance/Treas., Kimberly Doherty-Marcotte.--Tax Collector, Suzanne R. Guinness.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Rudolph S. Kuraska, Chm., Thomas P. Kealey, Gregory T. Stokes, Sr.--Assessor, Joyce M. Jacius.--Registrars of Voters, Carol R. Censki (D), David J. Wawer (R).--Supt. of Schools, Dr. John Gallacher.--Bd. of Education, Sharon A. Racine, Chm., Judith Apruzzese-Desroches, Andre V. Greco, Joyce P. Hall, Albert B. Harrison, Charles L. Johnson, Susan A. Lavelli-Hozempa, Samuel McGill, Jr., Donna J. Corbin Sobinski.--Planning and Zoning Comm., Anthony M. DiPace, Chm., Elizabeth A. Ballard, Jeffrey D. Cooper, Charles A. Duren, James A. Hickey, Jr., Jason M. Jones, Karen A. Weseliza; Alternates, Charles W. Ladd, Nicles Lefakis, Kathleen Sarno.--Asst. Town Planners, Roger Alsbaugh, Steven Sadlowski.--Dir. of Economic Development, Raymond L. Warren.--Dir. of Planning and Community Development, Jose Giner.--Economic Development Comm., Joanne B. Parlante, Chm., Christine Casey, Ralph J. Cerrato, Gerald K. Fitzsimons, John Gual, Julie Poon Lai, Kiran S. Majmudar, Martha Mcleod, two vacancies; Charles A. Duren, Planning and Zoning ex officio liaison.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Peter Yarum, Chm., John S. Rinaldi, Vice Chm., Edward H. Furey, Kevin R. Kibbe, John H. Ledoux, Jr.; Alternates, Richard Scott Hozempa, Paul L. Thorogood.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Wayne T. Bickley.--Housing Auth., Tadeus Buczkowski, Chm., William J. Ballard, Gerald Crowley, Paul Nabors, Jr., John F. Riley; Scott C. Bertrand, Exec. Dir.--Housing Code Appeals Bd., Paul Censki, Karen H. Chadderton, Roger Russell, Richard M. Szewczak, vacancy; Alternates, two vacancies.--Fair Rent Comm., Samuel McGill, Jr., Chm., Kenneth A. Carlson, Elizabeth Gillen, Arthur Graves, Michael S. Nelson, two vacancies.--Conservation Comm., Michael J. Dynia, Chm., Gretchen E. Pfeifer-Hall, Vice Chm., Natalie C. George, Timothy J. Mcguire, Richard M. Szewczak, Christine C. Wunch; Alternates, Joanne D. Kneiss, Kathleen L. Vose, vacancy.--Historic Dist. Comm., Richard M. Tatoian, Chm., F. Russell Meyer, Vice Chm., Roman J. Polaski, Nancy Smyth, Marie Troiano; Alternates, Sonja M. Dean, Raymond S. Gwozdz, Lillian Troiano.--Comm. on Aging, William L. Marr, Chm., Shirley Carpenter, Marguerite Duprey, Herbert Foy, Marlene Hoginski, Sophia T. Lynch, Denise L. McGill, Michael Mennella, Barbara O'Hara, Kay Tallarita; Alternates, Alice Egan, Judith Partridge.--Social Svs. Dir., Pamela Brown.--Dir. of Health, William H. Blitz.--Dir. of Environmental Svs., Michael Caronna.--Library Bd. of Trustees, Deborah A. Fiore, Chm., Ann Duren, Jeanne Smith.--Supvr. of Recreation, Mary M. Keller.--Purchasing Agent, Gregory R. Simmons; Asst., Cathy Cherpak.--Dir. of Public Works, John J. Kazmarski.--Cultural Arts Comm., Diane Carlone, Chm., Harold F. Grout, Jr., Theresa W. Jedynak, Barbara E. Kelly, Yvonne L. Wollenberg, two vacancies.--Town Engineer, Jeffrey Bord.--Supt. of Highways, William Sperrazza.--Building Official, James D. Taylor.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, Howard G. Coro, William L. Marr, Gary L. Sullivan, James D. Taylor, two vacancies.--Water Pollution Control Auth., Town Council.--Supt. of Sanitation, Kevin Donahue.--Chief of Police, Carl J. Sferrazza.--Constables, Anthony S. Ambrosino, Darrell L. Crowley, Lorraine K. Dentamaro, Anthony M. DiPace, Patrtick J. Droney, James A. Keller, Theodore J. Plamondon, Jr.--Fire Depts., Enfield: Edward N. Richards, Chief/Fire Marshal. Hazardville: John J. Flanagan, Chief/Fire Marshal. North Thompsonville: Earl Provencher, Chief/Fire Marshal. Shaker Pines: David Senatore, Acting Chief/Fire Marshal. Thompsonville: Michael Mills, Chief; Paul Censki, Fire Marshal.--Emergency Management Dir., Daniel T. Vindigni.--Town Atty., Christopher W. Bromson.--Justices of the Peace, Charles J. Abronze, Esther Alaimo, Francis Alaimo, Cindy B. Andersen, Brian C. Baeder, Elizabeth A. Ballard, Donna G. Barsalou, Paul D. Batchelder, Tom Baziak, Mary Ann Beiler, Fred M. Bergamini, Mary T. Bergamini, Melissa Bernstein, Bridgette Birchall, Debra J. Bonanno, Deena M. Boucher, Sandra G. Butcher, Andrea E. Campbell, Ronald L. Campbell, Frankie D. Cardaropoli, John Joseph Casey, Jr., John A. Castle, Carol R. Censki, George Contois, Michael J. Coolong, Robert L. Corbin, Randall M. Cote, Donna S. Croteau, Patrick J. Crowley, Eleanor B. D'Amato, James P. D'Amato, Sonja Marie Dean, Pamela J. Depratti, Anthony M. DiPace, Edward J. Dolinsky, Patrick J. Droney, Jessica Ann Duga, Diane L. Duggan, Clemence Boulanger Dumont, Ann Duren, Charles A. Duren, Deborah A. Duren, Alice Egan, Carri L. Ewing, Janice K. Ewing, Peter J. Falk, John G. Fenner, Sr., Salvatore J. Fiore, Gerald K. Fitzsimons, James E. Flynn, David J. Fredrick, Linda E. Fredrick, Richard G. Furey, Nelson S. Giddings, Kevin J. Gordon, Kenneth P. Gorzkowski, Jeffrey A. Gowdy, Ronald Gregory, Sr., Gladys M. Grip, Gloria K. Guillemette, Russell T. Hack, Edward J. Harris, Mary Ann Harris, Jacquelyn V. Hethcoat, Virginia C. Higley, Martha E. Houlroyd, James F. Howard, Karen S. Howard, Karen Howland-Falk, Timothy A. Jensen, Charles L. Johnson III, Jason Michael Jones, Scott R. Kaupin, Kevin R. Kibbe, Mary Ellen Killeen, Susan J. Kirwin, Charles S. Koseian, Shakea D. Koseian, Stephan H. Koseian, Deborah A. Kratzke, Ferdinand P. Kula, Jr., David J. Lapierre, Jonathan A. Lazzarini, John H. Ledoux, Jr., Nicles Lefakis, Kymberly B. Lessard, Donald R. Lord, Jr., Gilbert J. MacKenna IV, Lila A. Mailman, Cynthia Mangini, Joyce P. Mascena, John W. Maznicki, Rainelle R. McKenna, Priscilla D. McManus, Erika L. Melnick, Paul A. Nabors, Jr., Stephen L. Niemitz, Gail A. Nogas, Tophie K. Nowak, Thomas P. Olechnicki, Patricia Olsen, Josephine A. Ouellette, Kara M. Ouellette, Richard G. Ouellette, Karen I. Owens, Lucinda Peck, Brian A. Peirce, Linda M. Pilch, Francis C. Pillitteri, James E. Pines, Sr., Edward J. Poremba, Jr., Kelly M. Poudrette, Lynn Provencher, Mary Jane Pych, Sharon A. Racine, James M. Ranta, Joan C. Reuter, Roger Russell, Michael W. Ryan, Monica C. Ryan, Charles E. Salamone, John C. Salamone, Ellen P. Sawn, Linda M. Schlask, Lynn A. Scull, Russell L. Scull, Lisa M. Semple, Jeanne Smith, Joanne R. Soderquist, Raymond F. Stanio, Sylvia Stanio, Edward G. Stentaford, Jr., Gary L. Sullivan, Suzanne Swanson, Sandra J. Sylvester, John T. Tait, Patrick L. Tallarita, Peter S. Targonski, Michael A. Tippo, Brian J. Trudeau, Mary Ann Turner, Sheila M. Valliere, Vaughan O. Vanderscoff, Sherri E. Watts, David J. Wawer, Jeanette Weseliza, Karen A. Weseliza, Blair A. White, Cynthia M. Yakoubian, Thomas P. Yakoubian, John R. Young, Brian J. Zawodniak, John H. Zdebski, William G. Zimmerman.

ESSEX. Middlesex County.--(Form of government, selectmen, town meeting, board of finance.)--Inc., Sept. 13, 1852, as Old Saybrook; taken from Saybrook. Name changed, July 8, 1854 to Essex. Total area, 11.8 sq. miles, Land area, 10.4 sq. miles. Population, est., 6,783. Voting districts, 2. Principal industries, novelties, naval lighting equipment and bent wire products. Transp.--Freight: Served by numerous motor common carriers. Post offices, Essex, Centerbrook and Ivoryton.

TOWN OFFICERS. Clerk and Reg. of Vital Statistics, Frances D. Nolin; Hours, 9:00 A.M.-4:00 P.M., Mon. through Fri.; Address, Town Hall, 29 West Ave., 06426; Internet, www.essexct.gov; Tel., (860) 767-4344, Ext. 129; FAX, (860) 767-4560; E-Mail, townclerk@essexct.gov.--Asst. Clerk and Asst. Reg. of Vital Statistics, Dana J. Novorio.--Selectmen, 1st, Philip J. Miller (D) Tel., (860) 767-4348; Norman M. Needleman (D), Vincent A. Pacileo III (R).--Treas., Robert S. Dixon.--Bd. of Finance, James D. Francis, Chm., Keith M. Crehan, W. Campbell Hudson, Joel B. Marzi, Lee A. Rowley, Frederick M. Vollono.--Tax Collector, Nancy L. Stadalnik.--Bd. of Assessment Appeals, Anne J. Dougherty, Frank J. Flores, Jr., Richard Helmecki.--Assessor, Jessica Graves.--Registrars of Voters, Lois A. Ely (D); Elizabeth G. Schellens (R).--Supt. of Schools, Kim M. Caron.--Bd. of Education, Lon J. Seidman, Mark P. Watson, 2009; Jeffrey E. Burzin, Suzanne F. Helchowski, 2011; Matthew C. Cooper, Susan Jaynes, 2013.--Planning Comm., Thomas Danyliw, Chm., Carla Feroni, Linda Herman, Alan Kerr, Ralph Monaco; Alternates, Alan Miller, Neil Nichols, Claire Tiernan.--Zoning Comm., Alvin Wolfgram, Chm., Hope Proctor, Susan Uihlein, Kenneth Wexler, Jeffrey Woods; Alternates, Lillian Mosa, Larry Shipman, Paul Somoza.--Zoning Bd. of Appeals, Stuart Ingersoll, Chm., Alexander Daddona, Douglas Demarest, Seth Fidel, Alix Walmsley; Alternates, William Doane, Lynn Faulstick, William T. Furgueson.--Zoning Enforcement Officer, Marian Staye.--Housing Auth., Janice M. Atkeson, Dawn Boulanger, David C. Gephard, Mary E. Stebbins, Rosemary A. Willis.--Conservation Comm., Kathleen Tucker, Chm., Pamela Bernardini, Douglas Demarest, Richard Helmecki, Gundrun Lelash, Maryann Pleva, vacancy; Alternates, two vacancies.--Economic Development Comm., Lee Thompson, Chm., John Beveridge, William Foster, Alan Kerr, Lon Seidman, Mark Uihlein, David Winstead.--Harbor Management Comm., Jeffrey Going, Chm., Walter Schieferdecker, John Senning, Walter Wiegert, Joseph Zaraschi; Alternates, Mark Faulstick, Earl Fowler.--Inland Wetlands/Watercourses Comm., Dan Lapman, Chm., Nancy Arnold, Matthew Cooper, Charles Corson, Claire Tiernan, Susan Uihlein; Alternates, Fred Szufnarowski, Frits Zernicke.--Sanitary Waste Comm., Henry May, Chm., Eric P. Bierrie, John Moran, Randel Osborne, Alvin Wolfgram; Alternates, Robert Nussbaum, vacancy.--Water Pollution Control Auth., John Moran, Chm., Eric Bierrie, Henry May, Randel Osborne, Alvin Wolfgram; Alternates, Robert Nussbaum, vacancy.--Municipal Agent, vacancy.--Dir. of Health, Christopher W. Goff, M.D.--Town Historian, Donald Malcarne.--Park and Recreation Comm., James W. Carey, Chm., Edward Barry, Cecilia Freundlich, Michael Holmes, Jack Lima, James Rawn, vacancy; Alternates, Edward E. Burleson, two vacancies.--Supvr. of Roads, David Caroline.--Building Official, Keith C. Nolin.--Sanitarian, Carol L. Speer.--Tree Warden, August F. Pampel, Jr.--Town Engineer, Doane Engineering.--Building Code Bd. of Appeals, five vacancies.--Chief of Police, Philip J. Miller.--Police Officers, Salvatore Bevilacqua, Patrick Bowers, Russell Gingras, Marc A. Pisciotti.--Fire Marshal, Keith C. Nolin.--Town Atty., David M. Royston.--Justices of the Peace, Virginia C. Cook, Charles N. Doane III, Paul B. Dubey, Linda K. Dwyer, Lynn C. Faulstick, David W. Galligan, Bruce M. Glowac, JoAnn Greenwood, Jean R. Hanor, Donna M. Hyde, Shelley H. Mack, Philip J. Miller, Norman M. Needleman, Douglas W. Paul, Albert N. Rogin, Lee A. Rowley, Raymond A. Rubenbauer, Linda R. Savitsky, Elizabeth G. Schellens, Daniel J. Stypa, Kathleen M. Tucker, William P. Veillette, Kenneth A. Wexler, Ingjerd E. Wigdel.

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